Nature and Forest Therapy Walks

Forest Therapy is a research-based framework for supporting healing and wellness through immersion in forests and other natural environments. In Japan it is called shinrin yoku, which translates to “forest bathing.” Studies have demonstrated a wide array of health benefits, especially in the cardiovascular and immune systems, and for stabilizing and improving mood and cognition.

Forest Therapy incorporates sensory connection and embodied awareness as foundations for mindful presence. The techniques used in Forest Therapy help build habits of awareness, presence, and deep observation. Forest Therapy emphasizes a direct path to intimacy with nature through sensory awareness.

The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs training draws on the latest medical research, new developments in the field of nature connection, and ancient traditions of mindfulness and wellness promotion.

Guided walks are generally short in length (under one mile) and slow in approach (they last from 2.5 to 3 hours). They are not just for folks who consider themselves athletic, and in fact are accessible for people of all physical capabilities and ages.