Welcome to Of-the-Essence!

Early autumn at Partridge Run

Early autumn at Partridge Run

This website is always “under construction,” as we all are:  in process, expectant and wondrously growing, simultaneously feeling the discomfort of new life coming forth. The walks and workshops we offer concentrate on that idea of being a practitioner, not a perfect, finished being–in yoga or any other part of our lives.

As my autumn photo here shows, creek water blurs the details behind a single gorgeous golden leaf.  There’s a sense of hanging, and learning to be comfortable with hanging within the swirling, perhaps moving with what’s around, or not moving. But light glowing through it all.

My hope is to bring that kind of inner stability and peace to my students and the community.

So we appreciate your patience as we build and change our offerings and schedules. Thank you in advance for your feedback, as well.

Here’s to seeing you around the Capital Region, and on the web.

Jai Bhagwan (May the divine be victorious within you)!

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