Minneapolis Wellness and Work Flow Workshop: Saturday September 13, 2014

(Please note this workshop is being held in Minneapolis, MN.)   You can register for the workshop here.

Questions? Contact us!


2014-09-06 Wellness&Workflow-4



As independent business people and artistic entrepreneurs, we’re exploring new territory every day. We’re both trained in wellness disciplines (massage therapy, yoga, martial arts, theater) with academic background both in STEM (mathematics, computer science, physics) and humanities (English, philosophy, visual arts, theater, creative writing in both fiction and nonfiction). We bring to our coaching practice both direct experience and rigorous training to help community members and students make the most of their role as self-employed creative practitioners.

For those of you who are students, we bring our own experience of graduate and professional school*.  We’re familiar with the stress and the glory, the emotional ups and downs of original research, and the time management challenges.(*as graduate student, students in vocational certificate programs, and as support/partner to friends/family in graduate/professional programs, among them MDs; PhDs in Microbiology, English, Biomedical Engineering, Mathematics, Public Health; Masters in Pastoral Counseling, Theology, Social Work).

Between the two of us, we have over seventy years’ experience learning (including self-teaching), instructing and coaching. We’re here to help you bring your own considerable powers to not just enduring but flourishing, both individually and collectively. We understand the power of cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration.



Annette Kavanaugh, Creative & Technical Director at Glass Knife Press (Minneapolis MN), received a Masters in Mathematics from University of Minnesota.  During her academic years and when she worked as a data analyst and project manager, she developed the effective methods for self-teaching she now coaches. An independent artist, performer and writer, she is co-founder and facilitator of the Big World Writing Club, a multicultural, multidisciplinary, multi-genre writing community organized around practice. She most recently worked as Coordinator of the Instructional Center at the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence, University of Minnesota, where she recruited, trained and supervised a talented multicultural staff of tutors in mathematics, physical sciences, biological sciences, and East Asian, North American, and European languages.

Diane Kavanaugh-Black, owner, Of-the-Essence Holistic Wellness (Troy, NY) is an essayist, memoirist and photographer who ran a thirteen year massage therapy practice in Chicago before training at the Kripalu School of Yoga in Massachusetts. She taught Community Education classes starting at age 16, and has done extensive volunteer and paid academic tutoring ever since, including adult literacy and assisting artists with vision statements. Diane is co-founder and member of multiple writing and editing work-groups and has been chosen to perform her writing at The Arts Center of the Capital Region, the Rensselaerville Festival of Writers and on WAMC public radio.  She has a BA with Honors from University of Chicago, and combines yoga, writing, hiking and healthy cooking in her current business in upstate New York.



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